What you will see

An innovative illuminating system that gives you an improved lighting environment and unrivalled control through our simple, well-executed solution. Experience lighting in a new way, with technology that adds real value to a building and to the lives of those living and working within it.

What you won’t see

A complex control system, proprietary software or costly customisation, commissioning and maintenance.

What you’ll feel

You’ll always feel in control and confident; the simple user interface delivers the information you need, how and when you need it. No problem, no stress.

Almost infinite connections…

why would you need more than a million connections?

Our need to be connected is growing and networked technology is the key. iMune® is a scalable solution; it is built with a future of “technology dependence” in mind.

how other systems work

Most control systems are developed on complex legacy and proprietary platforms, which automatically limit their lifetime.
infinite-other-systemsEach main controller operates a small number of gateways that can only maintain 64 devices.

how our system works

The iMune® control system can manage over 1 MILLION secure connections! Our open platform software allows for future upgrades to be easily incorporated.
1x iMune® controller operates over 1 million devices

Smart data logging…

it’s easy, it’s smart, it’s now!

From anywhere in the world, in real time, gain knowledge of your energy consumption, faults, and forecasts for specific devices on your iMune® system. See the benefits of iMune’s® efficient calibration, and how it reduces costs and demands on your time.

easy grouping

If you want information on specific devices or groups of devices, no need for an onsite inspection, having to remember a device’s identification number or even limiting yourself to pre-set area groupings. Trust iMune® to do the work and deliver the information how and when you want it.

smart maintenance

iMune® is designed to immediately identify and report faults that occur in existing devices. The addition or replacement of any device is simple, without complex system management, ensuring minimal disruption.

saving energy…a real breeze

Imagine you have the ability to view energy data for a single device or an entire building instantly. iMune® offers the ability to view current and historical energy usage and even forecast future energy savings in a logical way that is actionable.

Quick commissioning

Initial set-up takes time, but iMune® significantly reduces the demands on you

Many control systems require time-consuming commissioning of devices, however iMune® drastically reduces commissioning time by up to 70%.

iMune® enables your system to be easily expanded and maintained, without having to pay excessive re-commissioning costs.

iMune® saves up to 70% on commissioning time compared to standard systems!


Healthy lighting

95% of existing dimmable lights flicker at a frequency below the acknowledged 150hz healthy lighting threshold

Prolonged exposure to lighting flicker can cause headaches, eye strain, visual impairment and even epileptic seizures in a small number of cases. iMune® operates well within the acknowledged flicker-free safe zone, offering a healthier lighting experience.

corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Every employer wants to create a healthy lighting environment for their staff and visitors. iMune® enables you to provide a controlled and sustainable solution to enhance the health and wellbeing of all, without compromising carbon and energy saving targets.

Biodynamic lighting

or human centric lighting uses subtle changes in hue and light intensity to create a more natural, productive and healthy working environment

creating a natural environment

bio-section-tempUp to 90% of our time is spent indoors and artificial lighting can disrupt the body’s natural rhythms. Biodynamic lighting mimics the subtle variations of daylight, thus preserving a healthy sleep/wake cycle along with the physiological and psychological responses triggered by exposure to natural sunlight.

making the most of productivity

Recent research has shown that human centric lighting can provide the following additional benefits: increased alertness, productivity, motivation and a reduction of error rates by up to 30% across a variety of sectors including manufacturing, offices, education and healthcare.

cutting the cost without noticing

iMune® smart sensors detect when ambient lighting conditions change and automatically reduce the amount of artificial light needed, which results in energy and cost savings. Looking for more savings? Integrate occupancy sensors to switch off lighting devices in unoccupied spaces.

Your future… in safe hands

the future is uncertain, but the one certainty is that when it comes to lighting you want a system that is safe, secure and scalable

safety first

iMune® operates with standard emergency lighting solutions to ensure that you can undertake automated testing and reporting whenever you want, resulting in complete confidence.

security built in

Any network system can be hacked or compromised without sufficient safety measures in place and iMune® offers the highest level of security management built-in right from the start, giving you the assurance that your installation will not fall victim to an attack now or in the future.

what’s next

iMune® is an open platform that allows you to connect and control an array of devices from occupancy sensors, light switches, air conditioning units, energy monitoring units and more! As the connected world becomes more prevalent, iMune® will continue to evolve, connecting and growing with your business for many years to come.


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